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We want to read your stories. We are particularly looking for stories that sustain themselves over more than one or two pages. We hope for strong inhuman voices. We are weary of stories that present luminous dialogues between men and women. We hope for less luminous dialogue. More biology. More necrology. Holes that are really tunnels. Healthy mutants.

Please no verse.

Simultaneous submissions are fine. Only one story at a time please. We do not distinguish in our minds between "genre" fiction and the other kinds, so feel free to send it all. The total word count of an issue is generally about 20,000, so if you send us something longer than that we will have difficulty publishing it; aside from that restriction, we're open to work of any length. We will pay for stories we publish, though it won't be much. We publish once a year, generally in the late summer or early fall.